Orchestrating a world of problems
Problem-Solving Problem Solving

What We Do

  • Problem-Solving Expertise (Projects)
  • Problem-Solving Techniques (Frameworks & Methods)
  • Problem-Solving Technology (Apps)

Problem-Solving Expertise (Projects)

Comfortable at strategic and tactical levels we can work across organisations & ecosystems. Complex problems often span people, processes, products, technology, finance, and strategy.

We can ask and answer the typical questions (who, what, when, where, why, and how). Help figure out what is going on. And what to do about them.

Problem-Solving Techniques (Frameworks & Methods)

Problem-solving techniques continue to evolve.
BUMPCONDUCTOR is developing a new generation of problem-solving techniques and tools. How? By problem-solving problem solving.

These techniques are aimed at supporting a new breed of organisations. Ones that will excel in the emerging economies. We call these new enterprises 'Problem-Solving Organisations' (PSOs).

Problem-Solving Technology (Apps)

Expertise and techniques only go so far. We want to take problem solving to new levels. So we are developing technology to bring our techniques to life.

This includes technology to detect and capture problems across complex value chains.

Our first application (a progressive web app) is currently under development.