Orchestrating a world of problems

Navigating a world of problems

Problems are everywhere. No matter who you are or where you are, there is no escape. Problems will find you. To survive you must solve problems. It is a core survival skill. It is not optional.

Yet problems can be difficult to detect and solve. Often hidden in plain sight, once detected they can be difficult to define and quantify. And the journey to overcome them can be long and difficult. Your problem solving capabilities are essential for your success.  

Problem Solving - A key capability

Humans have a long history of overcoming complex obstacles. Throughout our evolution problem solving has equipped us with new capabilities. It has transformed us, and our world. It expands our horizons and creates new opportunities. If there is one thing we should excel at, it's problem solving. 

But here's the thing!

Our world is full of problems. As our species grows we create more problems. Many now threaten our existence. Yet our problem-solving performance appears to lacking. In part it is due to their nature. Most span silos. In organisations complex problems span people, process, products, and technology. In a broader social context they span business and social. Complex problems both divide and unite us. And we seem to lack the tools & techniques to tackle these complex conditions. To deal with them we need ways of thinking and acting. We need to improve problem solving.  

Problem-Solving Problem Solving

Here at Bumpconductor we are "Problem-Solving Problem Solving". This is our mission. We strive to improve problem-solving performance whenever and wherever we can. We are finding new ways to tackling a world of problems. To find new ways to think, of organise, and do. If we succeed the world will be a better place.  

BUMPS - A way to visualise complex problems

Problems are like obstacles in our evolutionary journey. They may slow us down. But we tend to get over them. Here at Bumpconductor we view obstacles as bumps in our evolutionary path. They impact many and appear no in isolation, but in a complex landscape of common problems. These 'bumps' come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They each have unique characteristics. And their characteristics will shift over time. We found the bumps metaphor to be so useful that decided to use it as the foundation for our mission. 

Our approach uses an abstract concept called BUMPS. BUMPS are Big Unsolved Meaningful Problems worth Solving™. We use these to visualise and communicate complex situations. To support the concept we are developing tools & techniques. 

What we do

Our efforts are focus in these areas:

1. Making common problems visible, accessible, and actionable

2. Developing problem-solving tools and techniques

3. Distributing problem-solving knowledge and skills

Why Us

We act different. Many claim that but we can prove it! We are problem-solving and helping others solve problems. We produce outcomes that matter to you because they also matter to us. And we are passionate about what we do.


Your Partner in Problem Solving