Problem-Solving Organisations

The World Economic Forum lists Complex Problem Solving as the highest ranked skill. And for good reason.

Our world is full of problems. And most problems are complex. They can span people, processes, products, technology, finance, and strategy. They can be difficult to define and measure. And they can lay hidden in plain sight!

But organisations often fail to identify and solve complex problems. Even though addressing them provides tangible returns, effective problem-solving remains a difficult skill.

The outcome? Organisations waste valuable time and energy on flawed strategies. They fail to align people, processes, technology, finance, and products. And fail to hit their target. In some circumstances they recover. In many circumstances they don't. We've experienced this. We want to help you avoid it.

The Keys to Organisational Success

Organisation survival mimics life. To survive you must find and solve problems better than your competitors. It is a core survival skill. It is not optional.  

If your survival isn't under threat, then your focus may be growth. Problem-Solving is an effective strategy for both well-being and growth. Nature has been doing it for billions of years. Get it right and it results in new capabilities, new possibilities, and new horizons. It is transformational. It works. Why not embrace it. 

Problem Solving helps us Survive

Are You Encountering Complex Obstacles?

Complex problems represent everyday obstacles. These obstacles involve many people. They will be encountering the obstacles at different times, and with different perspectives. Each may be moving in different directions, at different speeds, towards different goals. There will be underlying structures. A range of ingredients and variables, and high levels of interconnectivity. The landscape will be changing. It will have dynamic (non-linear) behaviour and a history. There may be no clear solution path. The situation will be transforming. And there will be unpredictable outcomes. 

Does this sound familiar? That's because they represent the dynamic real-world scenarios you deal with every day! Dealing with this requires a broad range of skills. These can being labelled under the skill-set "Complex Problem Solving".

Problem Solving helps us Grow

Why does Bumpconductor exist?

Problem solving is critical for our well-being. It is the primary process that helps us survive and grow. There are many great techniques and tools. But these are often difficult to find, learn, and share. We want to fix that. Furthermore there are many people and organisations that are not problem solving! We want to help fix that too. By spreading knowledge and skills, and improving problem-solving performance, we should all benefit.

Our Approach

Bumpconductor is evolving problem-solving by doing it and helping others do it. There are many ways to tackle complex obstacles. Sometimes all it takes is fresh thinking and common sense. Sometimes it takes orchestration - getting people to work better together. Sometimes it requires a more sophisticated approach. There are many options. A pragmatic 'pick & mix' approach works. We embrace many common tools & techniques. And we create custom ones to fill gaps! This includes our BUMPS based problem-solving framework and tools.

Problem Solving helps us Think

What we do

Three main themes:

1. Helping organisations find and deal with complex problems 

2. Helping to improve problem-solving knowledge & skills

3. Developing tools & technology for problem-solving applications

Complex Obstacles = BUMPS™

Humans have a long history of overcoming obstacles. So rather than immovable mountains, we like to think of them as BUMPS in our evolutionary journey. BUMPS are Big Unsolved Meaningful Problems worth Solving™. They provide a new way to think about complex problem spaces. A way to help visualise, analyse, and communicate complex problem scenarios. We use BUMPS as the foundation for our techniques & tools. For example the BUMPS Complex Problem-Solving Framework™. 

Problem Solving helps us Transform

BUMPS Complex Problem-Solving Framework

Why Us

  • We think different. No doubt you hear that a lot. But we can prove it! See our BUMPS™ based problem-solving approach.
  • We are capable. We are not tied to any one tool or technique. And we partner with others as necessary to get stuff done. 
  • We deliver. We produce outcomes that matter to you because they also matter to us.

"All Life is Problem Solving" - Karl Popper


Your Partner in Problem Solving