Our Mission

To make complex problems visible, accessible, and actionable.

Complex Problem Solving

In 2016 the World Economic Forum (WEF) published its Future of Jobs report.

The report highlights the skills needed to thrive in these changing conditions. Out of the top 10 skills "complex problem solving" is ranked No.1.

But here's the thing. If complex problem solving is the No.1 skill...where do we find the problems that need solving?

We asked the same question and couldn't find the answer. This is why we conceived the BUMPCONDUCTOR concept.

Problem Solving Platform

The BumpConductor® is being developed to help teams solve complex problems. It covers all key processes and includes a framework, method, and technology platform (including apps).

We aim to help problem solving organisations find & solve the most valuable BUMPS!

What are BUMPS?

BUMPS are Big Unsolved Meaningful Problems worth Solving®. It provides a unique way to think about complex problem spaces.

BUMPS are the foundation block upon which we are building our solutions

We hope it can also help you better visualise, analyse, and communicate complex problem scenarios.

Our Solutions

Checkout the sections below and then contact us for more info.

  • Problem Solving Expertise
  • Capability Building (Frameworks & Methods)
  • Technology (Platform & Apps)

Complex Problem Solving Expertise

We add value

We have extensive experience working with leading international businesses in areas such as strategy, delivery, and complex problem analysis. Comfortable at strategic and tactical levels we can work across organisations & ecosystems to deliver maximum impact. We can ask and answer questions such as:

  • What are our most valuable problems?
  • Where are they?
  • How big are they?
  • What caused them?
  • What to do about them?

Capability Building (Frameworks & Methods)

Equipping you with the tools to get things done

Many existing problem solving techniques are limited and are often used at tactical levels e.g. lean six sigma process improvements. We think it is time for a new approach - a new operating model for 'Problem Solving Organisations'(PSOs).

We call this new operating model 'Bumponomics®'.

Bumponomics® will help PSOs consistently capture value by capturing BUMPS®. It will create better synergies between strategy & execution, and will help alignment both within and across organisations. It covers key topics such as:

  • Destination - the Where
  • Purpose - the Why
  • Navigation - the How & When
  • Driving - the What

Technology (Platform & Apps)

Technology to boost your business

Expertise and techniques only go so far. We want to take problem solving to new levels. We are developing a technology platform to detect and address problems across complex value chains. Our first application (a progressive web app) is currently under development.

A world of BUMPS is a world of Opportunity!

Whenever you encounter BUMPS®, think BUMPCONDUCTOR®